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    Customer Service and the 5 Rules of Birk – Rule #2


    This is a continuation of my blog titled Customer Service and the 5 Rules of Birk.

    The 5 Rules of Birk manufacturing convey basic principles we feel are fundamental to doing good business.  They are:

    1 – Customer First

    2 – Help Each Other

    3 – Learn New Skills

    4 – Communicate

    5 – Have Fun

    BIRK RULE #2 – Help Each Other

    A challenge for many businesses is getting employees to pull together and function as a team instead of going in separate directions.  At Birk, we have created a workplace where people are encouraged to collaborate and help each other succeed.  Our employees are our greatest resource, and on any given day, a commitment to teamwork is evident throughout our building.

    We understand employees (and organizations) are more productive and experience better morale if we build highly functional teams.  Through LEAN manufacturing, we’ve built a unique culture of teambuilding by giving people the opportunity to work together effectively, supporting them and encouraging collaboration.  Teams were created to study areas in which processes could be improved to become more efficient.  When employees were allowed to collaborate positively, they performed better and with fewer problems.

    Buy-in from all employees was extremely important to effectively implement LEAN principles and remains imperative to its continued success. A consistent message of shared purpose helps everyone to feel we are all part of the same team.  After all, we are all working towards the same goal:  to produce a quality product that meets our customers’ needs.

    Stacey Stevens

    Customer Service Manager

    Birk Manufacturing, Inc.

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