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    Tis’ the Season!!!


    This week we are planning our Physical Inventory and Christmas parties, the two apparently do not mix well. This is the time of year we rejoice and reflect on the past year, and then set a course for the New Year. Our company, as a whole, has a lot to be very thankful for, made possible by the combined efforts of many individuals. Through out the year there have been some growing pains to be sure, but with the understanding that is essential for the company to move forward. All the employees have been challenged to continue to grow by learning new subjects or gain a deeper understanding resulting in leaving their comfort zone. We do not go by the status quo; we know that will not work. We have an opportunity to control our own destiny, an opportunity that many other companies don’t have, and we all share in the rewards.

    This year we are starting an annual Physical Inventory where we actually close down production. It will start December 27th at 7:00am. We do have a well briefed team that is amply prepared for the event. For the first time ever we will shut down for the short week to focus on this, having already focused these past few weeks on getting jobs out early that would have been planned to ship out next week. We will leave early today, Friday, December 23, 2011 to enjoy our Christmas party, knowing that we have a plan and a future!

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