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    Know the Significance of Blood Analysis Heaters in the Medical Industry

    Currently, the world is dealing with an extremely difficult situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In times like these, immediate medical diagnosis and treatment are essential. But with such a large number of people infected, the hospitals in our healthcare system are overloaded in terms of capacity; therefore, the need for diagnosis equipment and life support systems is even more essential than in any previous time. Many companies across the globe manufacture diagnostic equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, heaters, or even parts required for such equipment. These companies play a huge role in the medical industry, and Birk Manufacturing is truly proud to be one of them. As a leading manufacturer of thermal solutions and thin-film heater systems required largely in the medical industry, Birk Manufacturing makes heaters that are used in blood analyzers. As such, heaters are required in many medical applications where a certain temperature range needs to be maintained. In this post, we discuss the usefulness of Birk’s heaters in blood analysis.

    Blood Analysis Heaters

    What Is Blood Analysis?

    What Is Blood Analysis?

    Blood analysis is simply diagnosing a health condition with the help of a blood sample that has been withdrawn from a patient. Blood has various components, and each of them can be separated and quantified. For this purpose, blood analyzers are used. Blood analyzers are computer-based machines that can measure the quantity of components such as red blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin, etc., in each blood sample. These are widely used by hospitals and laboratories, as they offer accurate results, and are currently useful in rapid testing of COVID-19-suspected patients. These blood analyzers are fitted with Birk’s Kapton® heaters, primarily for targeted temperature control, and custom temperature sensors to maintain the sample elevated temperature. They help spread the heat uniformly and prevent coagulation.

    How Birk’s Heaters Provide an Accurate and Fast Blood Analysis

    Birk is one of the leading manufacturers of Kapton® polyimide heaters, which play a large role in blood analysis. When used in blood analysis equipment, Birk’s heaters provide the following benefits:

    • They offer exceptionally fast heating and cooling times and can be permanently bonded with the equipment. This helps speed up diagnosis and the number of tests in a given time, something that is crucial in our medical industry today.
    • Kapton® polyimide heaters are designed to work in high-vacuum environments.
    • The heaters are designed and engineered to fit Teflon® metal tubing and machined parts and have custom temperature sensors to ensure precision and tight tolerances.
    • Their heating solutions with specialized polyimide film heaters are designed to fit small surface areas of equipment with close heat contact around multiple openings.
    • These heaters come in various configurations and with embedded sensors, which ensure uniform heat distribution.
    • Birk also provides both standard and custom thin-film sensors to meet the parameters of the user’s control system.
    • They help maintain tightly controlled temperature ranges for samples and devices.
    flexible heater

    The entire team at Birk is hopeful that the COVID-19 situation is soon under control. However, Birk’s heaters for blood analysis will continue to be applicable in the medical industry for other important diagnoses, even after the threat of COVID-19 lessens. Over the years, the company has set a benchmark as a reliable manufacturer and provider of high-quality thermal solutions. So, if you require their blood analysis heaters or need further information, feel free to contact their team by phone at 860-739-4170 860-739-4170 or by email at .

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