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    Why Kapton® Flexible Heaters Are a Popular Choice for Medical Applications

    Uniform heating and efficient temperature control are some of the most important requirements in medical applications. Generally, medical device manufacturers meet these requirements by using different types of flexible heaters. Kapton® heaters are a popular choice for flexible heaters. These heaters are manufactured using a polyimide film called Kapton®, which is developed by DuPont. Kapton polyimide film heaters possess one of the thinnest profiles among film heaters while still assuring uniform heat distribution. These film heaters have several properties and are best utilized by medical device manufacturers across the globe. This post focuses on the typical properties of Kapton® polyimide film heaters and their applications in the medical industry.

    5 Properties of Kapton Flexible Heaters That Make Them an Ideal Choice for Medical Applications

    Why are Kapton polyimide film heaters used for medical applications?

    1. Polyimide film heaters can physically resist ozone, moisture, and fungus. Although most medical devices are operated in a controlled environment and need immense care, this may not always be the case. Like any other industrial equipment, these components are prone to moisture and bacterial or fungal growth if not cared for. With their physical resistance, Kapton flexible heater elements can make a difference.
    2. Polyimide heaters can withstand extreme temperature environments from -328 °F to 329 °F. In addition to this, they can maintain their shape irrespective of temperature exposure or rapid heating and cooling. This is due to their uniform temperature distribution properties. All these properties make them an ideal choice for lifesaving medical applications where accurate temperature control is of immense importance.
    3. Heating elements made of polyimide possess low outgassing properties. This means that a minimal amount of gas that was trapped at the time of creation is released. Outgassing can be a big problem in environments where air movement is slower than usual, especially in closed vacuum environments. If a heating element has high outgassing properties, then components may settle on sensors and lenses, thereby impairing their functions. Polyimide flexible heaters are used to avoid this issue.
    4. Polyimide films are solvent resistant, thin, and lightweight, with excellent tensile strength, dimensional stability, and tear resistance. All these properties make them an ideal choice for blood, fluid, endoscopic warmers, and several other medical applications.
    5. Polyimide films possess low tolerance capabilities and ensure precise temperature control. This allows for the preservation of biological specimens in particular temperature ranges.

    Kapton Flexible Heaters for Medical Application

    Medical Applications That Utilize Kapton Flexible Heaters

    There are several medical applications that use Kapton flexible heaters. The following are a few prominent ones among them.

    • Life Saving and Incubators: Polyimide film heaters ensure tight temperature control, which ensures the stability of incubators and lifesaving devices.
    • Blood Analyzers: Blood analyzers are the devices used in hospitals and research laboratories to identify and count blood cells as a part of disease monitoring and detection. Polyimide film heaters are used in these devices for reagent testing. They are often integrated with sensors for better temperature control.
    • DNA Analysis and Clinical Diagnostic Instrumentation: The polyimide Kapton® heaters are used in DNA analysis and clinical diagnostic instrumentation because of their low outgassing, fungal, radiation, and chemical resistance properties.

    Kapton Flexible Heaters for Medical Application

    Now that you know about the capabilities and roles played by Kapton® heaters in different medical applications, it is important that you source these heaters from experienced and trusted Kapton® heating element manufacturers, like Birk Manufacturing, Inc. The company provides custom Kapton heating elements in a variety of sizes to fit different medical devices, such as blood analyzers, hemostasis management systems, small catheter and insertion heating assemblies, surgical tool assemblies, and incubators. Engineering experts at the company will work with you to understand your requirements and specifications. Their experience and expertise in the medical industry enable quick prototyping. They also provide in-house testing, which is compatible with industry standards. For more information, visit

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