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    This year Birk Manufacturing is on a mission to improve and enhance our entire Quality Management System (QMS) and align our policies, processes and procedures in place to obtain AS9100 certification. The AS9100 standard is designed to meet stringent, complex and unique demands of the defense and commercial Aerospace Industry. Over the past decade, as the company has developed and matured, we have continued to augment and adapt our standard operating procedures and quality policies and objectives with industry regulations and standards. We are constantly committed to providing our customers with superior quality products that are safe, reliable and have proper documentation and traceability. Over six years ago the company ventured into the world of industry regulation and became ISO 9001:2000 certified before updating to the newest revision in 2008. We continued to improve our QMS further in 2009 when we obtained ISO 13485:2003 certification, which accredits our QMS for being fully capable of producing a product that is compliant to the strict requirements of the medical device industry. We take special pride in the fact that we are bestowed the honor and trust of producing a product that will affect the quality of an individual’s life. It allows us to take more value, responsibly and ownership in our jobs and makes us want to continue to grow, learn and develop as a company. Here’s to new beginnings as we start our next chapter in the improvement process of Birk’s QMS. Look for our certification on our website later this year!

    Carleton Birk

    Quality Assurance Manager

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    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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