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    Problem Solving Doesn’t Have To Be a Problem

    As an engineer, it is more common than not, that at some point in your day someone will come to you with a problem to solve.  It is our responsibility as engineers to help people with these problems and come up with an answer, but sometimes that is not the right mentality.  Engineers have been trained that every problem has a solution – only one solution.  This can create a huge injustice to our company and our customers.

    In the interest of our customers and Birk manufacturing, sometimes it is better to have the mindset that we need to create solutions rather than just solve problems.  By creating a solution you can have a broader view of what the issue is and possibly think of everything on a larger scale.  By altering our mindset from problem solver to that of being a solution creator, we can provide solutions that are more efficient, easier to manufacture and even more cost effective.

    What solutions can Birk create for you today?

    Mark O’Connell

    Engineering Manager

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