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    How Temperature Sensor Probes are Useful for Industries

    Temperature is one of the most common parameters used to measure, monitor, and control certain processes in various industries. Temperature Sensor probes are perhaps the best solution to collect accurate temperature measurements and improve application efficiency.

    Birk Manufacturing provides custom temperature sensor probes, and resistance temperature detection (RTD) solutions for industries. These are effectively used in many applications in a variety of industries including medical, chemical, manufacturing, and aerospace.

    Specialized Temperature Sensor Probe Solutions for Industries

    Providing standard and custom temperature sensors is one of our specialties. Our standard probes are assembled using stainless steel casings, which can withstand the rigors of extreme applications and elevated temperatures.

    Incorporating RTD elements into the custom sensor probes is one of our chief solutions. Thermocouple probes are also available and installed with fiberglass leads, which provide greater flexibility and increased temperature ranges. The probes are manufactured utilizing custom lead wiring, which also allows for the construction of smaller probe profiles. They can also be designed to ensure that there is no chemical seepage.

    We provide standard technical specifications:

    • Probe lengths: 1″, 6″, 9″, 12″
    • Diameter of Probe: 0.25″ and 0.1875″
    • Operating temperature range:
      • RTD Probe: -200°C to 260°C
      • Type K and J Thermocouple Probe: -200°C to 480°C
      • Lead Gauge: 24awg
      • Operating temperature range:
    • With Platinum Leads: -200°C to + 600°C
    • With Silver Leads: -200°C to + 400°C

    Birk specializes in customized technical specifications for each of its thermocouple probes.

    Each of our temperature sensing products adheres to the EN60751 Class B for industry tolerance. These temperature sensing probes are perfect for installations within channels and thermowells, and can be used to check temperatures of acids and bases, salt solutions, and organic liquids. Birk can also manufacture probes with meet tighter classes including Class A and Class 1/10B tolerances.

    Birk Manufacturing’s temperature sensor probes provide durable and reliable solutions for accurate temperature measurement in industrial applications.

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