RTD Sensors: Understanding Their Functioning & Advantages

In most applications, temperature is a parameter that needs to be constantly monitored. This is because the functioning of an application depends on the temperature. Hence, monitoring is important to make sure the optimal temperature is maintained at all times. For this particular function, we use temperature sensors like Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensors, thermocouples, etc.

RTD Sensors

What is a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Sensor? How Does It Work?

An RTD Sensor is a device that tracks the temperature of an application by measuring the change in resistance of the sensor in relation to temperature. As temperature changes the resistance of the RTD sensor changes as well. This change in resistance is predictable, depending on the resistance curve of a certain RTD, and can be measured in order to calculate the temperature that the RTD sensor is seeing. Read More

What are the Modern Custom Solutions for Flexible Heating Elements?

Flexible heaters are used in multiple industries. The greatest advantage of these heaters is their durability and precision. This allows manufacturers to design and produce custom flexible heating elements to meet specific requirements per industry requirements and regulations.

Understanding Flexible Heating Elements and their Advantages

heating elementManufacturers who specialize in producing custom flexible heating elements can design these heaters using a variety of flexible materials such as butyl, mica, Kapton®, and silicone rubber. Such materials can provide different application benefits such as resistance to UV damage, moisture, and chemicals.

Flexible materials also give the engineers the freedom to design the heaters in a variety of custom shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. They can also be manufactured with multiple circuits, and custom watt densities. Read More

What Custom Etch Foil Circuit Solutions benefit Customers?

Etched foil circuits are important components in flexible electronics and appliances. These circuits can be found in flexible heaters, which are used in a variety of industrial applications such as medical incubators and genetic testing systems; aerospace battery packs and navigation equipment, and semiconductor acid heating in wafer processing baths.

Needless to say, there are a variety of applications that have specific requirements for the etched foil circuits. Hence, custom etch foil circuits design and manufacturing solutions are required.

Custom Etch Foil Circuit Solutions
Manufacturers can meet specific industrial application requirements by providing a variety of custom solutions.

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How Temperature Sensor Probes are Useful for Industries

Temperature is one of the most common parameters used to measure, monitor, and control certain processes in various industries. Temperature probes are perhaps the best solution to collect accurate temperature measurements and improve application efficiency.

Birk Manufacturing provides custom temperature sensor probes, and resistance temperature detection (RTD) solutions for industries. These are effectively used in many applications in a variety of industries including medical, chemical, manufacturing, and aerospace.

Specialized Temperature Sensor Probe Solutions for Industries

Providing standard and custom temperature sensors is one of our specialties. Our standard probes are assembled using stainless steel casings, which can withstand the rigors of extreme applications and elevated temperatures. Read More